Welcome to Critter Capture: Animal & Pest Control / Removal Services!

Since 2009, Critter Capture has been helping commercial and residential customers with the task of removing unwanted and property-damaging pests from the interior and exterior of structures. Backed by more than 15 years of experience in animal capture, mitigation and management, you can trust the experts at Critter Capture to take care of any unwanted pests or guests at your home or business.

We serve many areas in the states of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, providing assistance with pest removal and animal control at anytime during the year. You may discover an infestation or damage from pests at any time unexpectedly, and when you work with Critter Capture, you’ll receive help with safely and effectively removing animals or insects and making your property safe and secure again.

In addition to animal control services, our professional team provides restoration to damaged areas. We also offer prevention methods that aim to make it more difficult or impossible for pests to get into your home or office building.

At Critter Capture, we work to build lasting relationships with our customers so that you rely on the expertise and knowledge of our technicians, field managers and company as a whole. While we work to help keep your home protected from these unwanted invaders, we want to be the people you call if you need us or if you know friends or family members in need of assistance. Additionally, all of our employees seek continuous training to ensure that we can give you the most honest, ethical and high quality pest control services.

We have been fortunate to help many commercial and residential customers, include:

• Ackerman Baptist Church
• Kosciusko Middle and High School
• Highland Community Hospital
• Department of Wildlife in Jackson, MS

The first step in animal control is to identify the source of the problem and this is where our company comes in. We can examine your structure inside and out to find where pests or an animal may be coming in or taking shelter. This way we can identify the exact animal or insect to blame, which will allow us to put together a thorough removal, restoration and prevention plan to solve your issue and avoid future problems.

To get started, contact Critter Capture and discuss what you may be seeing with our team so we can help you solve your pest issues. Learn more today by calling 251-680-5068.

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