An Overview of Opossums in Your Attic

You’re probably well aware of the fact that mice, rats, squirrels, bats, and raccoons can all work their way into your home’s attic and cause problems. Nevertheless, did you know that opossums can do it, too? It’s actually not all that uncommon for opossums to gain access to an attic and set up shop there. They can cause quite a bit of damage if you’re not careful. Here is everything you need to know about identifying an opossum problem in your attic and getting rid of it.

How do opossums get into an attic?

Many people don’t realize it, but opossums are excellent when it comes to climbing. They have opposable thumbs that make it easy for them to scale a home without a problem. Once they do, it’s easy for them to get into attics through uncovered soffit vents or other large openings near your roofline.

What kind of damage can opossums do in an attic?

After opossums are able to get into an attic space, they can cause tons of damage in it. They’ll often leave large droppings throughout the space. What’s more, they’ll also tear up insulation and do extensive damage to any ductwork that you have running through an attic. If they happen to get trapped in an attic and die, they can cause terrible odors as well, and they can spread potentially dangerous pathogens and parasites to the rest of a home. It’s why homeowners shouldn’t allow opossums to linger around for too long.

How do you remove opossums from an attic?

Over the years, people have tried all types of things to remove opossums from their attics. They’ve left mothballs and ammonia out. They’ve also set up ultrasonic sound emitters and purchased opossum repellents. But these things don’t usually work and will allow opossums to stick around in an attic space. You’re much better off hiring a professional wildlife control company to come in and trap them so that they can be removed from your home safely.

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