Professional Animal & Rodent Removal Service in Louisiana

If you have bats, squirrels, mice/rats, raccoons, snakes or any other type of wildlife living in your home or commercial space, it could potentially lead to property damage or the introduction of various health risks. Fortunately, a company like Critter Capture can help by providing trusted and professional animal and rodent removal service in Louisiana. We can also provide you with restoration and prevention services to help you get your home or business back in order right away.

Whether you’ve seen wildlife coming in and out of your attic or basement or you simply suspect that rats, bats, raccoons, or other wildlife may have set up shop somewhere in your Louisiana home or business, Critter Capture can help. We can send one of our licensed and experienced technicians to your property today to perform an inspection, determine what kind of pest we’re dealing with, and come up with a plan for immediate removal. From there, you may choose to take advantage of our restoration services to clean up any areas that may have sustained damage and take extra precaution to stop wildlife from coming back with prevention services.

Critter Capture is more than just your average professional animal and rodent removal company in Louisiana. Aside from successfully removing wildlife from homes and commercial properties, our goal is to establish lasting relationships with our clients. We make it our mission to provide the best customer service in the state, which is why so many people have continued to trust and refer us for wildlife removal services over the last 15-plus years.

Contact Critter Capture at 228-202-1001 today to schedule professional animal and rodent removal service in Louisiana.