Are Squirrels in My Home?

A squirrel of the side of a stucco wall.

Cute as they are, squirrels belong outside– not in people’s homes. How do you know if you have squirrels in your house?

Indicators of Squirrels in Your Home

Have you seen shredded insulation? Does it look like certain pieces of wood have been gnawed at by something? Is there an electrical problem because a wire was chewed up?

One of the main ways people know squirrels are in a house is they hear sounds coming from the attic. It sounds like something’s in there, scampering around and perhaps jumping, too. They also hear scratching noises. Sometimes those noises can come from inside chimneys.

What about poop? Squirrel droppings kind of look like bat droppings. If you see poop in your attic, that could mean you have squirrels or some other pests in there.

Just like mice and raccoons, squirrels love to chew through things, so look for holes and gnaw marks around fascia boards, shingles, eaves, and other areas along the roof line.

Do you notice any interior damage, especially in your attic? If your insulation is torn up or shredded, it could be squirrels. Also, can you smell a foul odor? It could be squirrel urine. If and when there’s a strange odor in your home and you can’t seem to figure out where it’s coming from, it could be that a squirrel died behind your wall or in your attic.

Finally, if you notice damage to your ceiling or walls, sometimes it could mean you have a leaky roof and rainwater is getting in… and other times it could mean you have squirrels urinating in your attic and walls.

You don’t want squirrels living in your home because they can carry all sorts of diseases including rabies. They can also bring in ticks and fleas!

Critter Capture can come to your house and inspect for squirrel infestation. If and when squirrels are discovered, they can be properly removed. Critter Capture serves Mobile, Alabama, and surrounding communities. If you think you have a squirrel problem, call Critter Capture at 251-680-5068.