Baldwin County

Baldwin County is nestled in the southern part of Alabama, right along the Florida border. The county is home to over 200,000 residents. Baldwin County hasn’t always been as large as it is today; it continues to grow steadily at a rate of about 25% every decade. 

As the county grows, and the towns and cities within it develop, there are more homes built and more residents that occupy those homes. Over 75% of Baldwin County residents own their homes, and as any homeowner knows, this means you take on a laundry list of responsibilities. 

Residents of Baldwin County are blessed to live in an area that is home to rivers, creeks and beaches, as well as lush greenery, walking and biking trails and acres of natural land. Baldwin County helps to merge the urban with the rural; that means that one of those responsibilities homeowners face is dealing with any wildlife that may come into the home or surrounding buildings.

Animals like bats, opossums, mice, rats, squirrels and raccoons may find their way into your home, garage or other residential buildings. When this happens, it is important that they are removed and there are steps put in place that will prevent them from reentering the home. 

Wildlife removal can be quite dangerous unless done by a professional, and it may cause more injury and damage to your or your home. Wildlife can carry diseases that can spread through you and your home if not properly handled. Trained professionals can inspect your residence, create an action plan for removal, execute the removal, do damage restoration and put steps in place to prevent future wildlife from entering your home.

Having professionals handle your wildlife removal will ensure you’re inhabiting a place that is clean, sanitary and safe for you and your entire family. The best way to keep wildlife out of your home is to make sure they have no place to enter. Entry spots can be easy to miss, and the professionals know just where to look so you don’t have to worry about more critters entering your home. 

Another element that comes along with city growth is the growth and expansion of new businesses. Like homeowners, these businesses may find themselves dealing with wildlife in and around their locations. Not only are wildlife unsightly for employees and customers, but they may be compromising the health and safety of those who frequent the business. 

Wildlife removal experts can help to remove wildlife from commercial properties and ensure they do not return, which will give you peace of mind about the safety and wellbeing of your customers and employees while in your place of business.


If your residential or commercial space is suffering from a wildlife problem, be sure to give Critter Capture a call today. Our family-owned business has been executing wildlife removal in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana for over a decade and we are ready to help you get rid of unwanted wildlife in your home or business.

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