Bats, Rats, & Squirrel Removal Services Bay St. Louis

Raccoons, rats, and other little critters may be cute in animated movies, but they’re not so charming in your home or business. Nuisance animals can damage your property’s structure and household items, as well as pose a health and safety threat to you and your family.

The good news is that Critter Capture can make all your animal problems go away with our professional wildlife removal services. After over 15 years of providing wildlife control in the Bay St. Louis, MS area, there’s no rat, bat, or squirrel we can’t handle.

Bat, Rat, Squirrel & Other Wildlife Removal in Bay St. Louis

Our wildlife removal company strives to provide services that are a step above our competition. We know that property owners in Bay St. Louis have many choices when dealing with a wildlife problem, so we work hard to remain the area’s top choice.

What sets us apart at Critter Capture is our fast, professional, and humane service. Not only does a wild animal in your home threaten your safety, but it also makes it almost impossible to feel comfortable in your space. That’s why when you call us, we inspect your home as soon as possible.

We can remove many types of wildlife commonly found in the area, including:

Once we’ve identified the animals you’re dealing with, we quickly and humanely trap and remove them. We’ll get critters out of your hair and ensure no harm comes to them in the process.

Wildlife Restoration & Prevention Services in Bay St. Louis

Another thing that makes Critter Capture unique is our wildlife restoration and prevention services in Bay St. Louis. After we’ve removed all nuisance animals from your property, we can fix any damage they’ve caused. This includes sealing off entry points to prevent them from returning.

Our wildlife restoration services also include cleanup. We’ll remove any biohazards left behind, clean up the affected areas, and deodorize them to remove unpleasant odors, which also helps keep animals from returning.

Hopefully, you won’t need wildlife removal services for your Bay St. Louis home or business. But if you do, contact Critter Capture to schedule your appointment today!