Bats, Rats, & Squirrel Removal Services Biloxi, MS

Wildlife Removal Services in Biloxi, MS

When you discover wildlife in your home, you must address the issue immediately. If you don’t, they can cause costly property damage and jeopardize your and your family’s health. But attempting to remove animals yourself is dangerous—which is why you should always call a professional.

In Biloxi, MS, Critter Capture is the go-to wildlife removal company for home and business owners. We can handle every aspect of your wildlife problem, from removal and restoration to prevention solutions.

Bat, Rat, Squirrel & Raccoon Removal in Biloxi

We pride ourselves on providing wildlife removal services that are professional, thorough, and humane. After we’re done in your home or business, you shouldn’t have to deal with a wildlife problem again.

When you call Critter Capture, we’ll come to inspect your home in Biloxi as quickly as possible. During our inspection, we’ll identify which nuisance animal or animals you’re dealing with based on the signs they leave on your property. We’ll also determine how they’re getting into or onto your property.

Following our inspection, we’ll provide the necessary wildlife removal, restoration, and prevention services. We can just remove the animals from your home. But we also recommend having us clean up after them, repair any damage they’ve caused, and employ prevention methods to keep them from returning.

Our experienced team specializes in removing many types of wildlife in Biloxi, including:

Let the experts at Critter Capture restore the safety and quality of your home or business if wildlife becomes a problem. Get in touch with us today for wildlife removal, restoration, and prevention services in Biloxi that you can count on!