How to Avoid Having a Colony of Bats Setting Up Shop in Your Home

Colony of Bats in attic

How would you know if you have bats in your house or building? If you were standing outside, looking at your house, you might see them exiting your place! They tend to leave roosts in order to feed around dusk each night. So, as the sun goes down, look at your eaves and vents to see if these flying critters are present. You can also find them sneaking out through holes in the siding and/or from behind shutters. Meanwhile, keep in mind they poop, so look for evidence of their droppings near eaves and/or holes in your exterior siding– dark brown stains may be there!  

Where Would a Colony of Bats Reside?

If you’re inside your house or building and you hear a lot of noise coming from your attic, maybe there’s a large colony of bats in there. Typically, either little brown bats or big brown bats are the types of bats causing problems for homeowners.

Now if it’s just one bat that somehow got into your house, you can see if you can close off doorways to a particular room where the bat is and then open the window in there to allow it to fly out on its own. People have also used jars or boxes to capture and remove a single bat from their home. Since bats may give people rabies, it’s best to wear heavy leather gloves in case your hand(s) touch the bat.

Getting rid of bats can typically involve letting all of them fly outside and then sealing up their entry point(s) so they can’t get back in. That said, if you’re concerned about bats in your house and you don’t want to deal with them on your own, you can always call Critter Capture to “take care of the problem.” Critter Capture, of Mobile, Alabama, can be reached by calling 251-680-5068 or 769-895-6022 for our Jackson, MS number.

Is That the Sound of Squirrels in My Attic?

Squirrel Control Services

Squirrels love attics. Why do they love them? Well, they’re often looking for a warm, safe place to build a nest, especially in the autumn or winter months. They want somewhere that’s sheltered from bad weather and predators. Attics can be accessed by chewing holes from the outside such that the squirrels get inside.

When squirrels chew their way into attic space you can expect some problems. They often ruin your wiring or insulation up there. They can also mess with your home’s exterior, including gutters. Not content to have just one entryway into your attic, they’ll often chew additional holes around the outside of the attic. Ugh. When they’re in your attic, they urinate and poop in there– it can stink!

How would you know if squirrels are in your attic? Most likely, you’d hear them. They wake up in the morning to leave their nest in search of food. Listen for scratching or scurrying noises in your ceiling. You might have several squirrels in your attic.

Squirrel nests, also called dreys, usually consist of a variety of materials compressed together, such as leaves, twigs, moss, and bark. Usually two to nine squirrels share a typical nest. If you’ve got a nest in your attic, you want it completely and humanely removed. You also want to avoid spreading disease and staying safe from harm, such as bites. So, it makes sense to call a professional who deals with removing squirrels from attics.

If and when you think you’ve got a squirrel in the attic, what can you do? Call Critter Capture to have an expert come remove it! Call 251-680-5068 or email to arrange a visit. You can also call our Jackson, MS number at 769-895-6022. An expert can find the pest, trap it and take it away from the premises. When people have pests they want to get rid of in Mobile, Alabama, they call Critter Capture.

What Should You Do When You Encounter a Racoon?

As the sun sets and a couple is enjoying is some fresh air before heading in for the night, they notice an animal sneaking around their property. It’s a raccoon! He or she has come around looking for fresh food or a place to rest. The raccoon is a furry little animal about the size of a small dog. It has a black mask across its eyes and cheeks and black rings around its bushy tail. Overall, its long, thick fur is gray-brown in color. Should people pet it? No. If it’s out during daylight, it could have rabies. Now raccoon sightings are common at parks, but they’re also fairly common around homes in the country, suburbs and sometimes even the city. What should you do if you encounter a raccoon?

Racoons Are Very Smart; Don’t Provoke Them

Know this: raccoons are intelligent creatures. They’re also cunning, wild and dangerous when provoked. They don’t attack you if you don’t provoke them– but they will attack if you do provoke them. Keep in mind they’re distant cousins to bears, and just like bears they can become fierce with humans when they feel they’re being threatened.

You Should Not Touch or Pet a Raccoon

Ideally, if you do encounter a raccoon, don’t approach or touch it. The raccoon could be sick or injured, or protecting its young, and you should not interfere with its life, even if you’re well-meaning and have good intentions. Remember, it’s a wild animal– let nature take its course.

Calmly Walk Away from Raccoons

If you’re close to a raccoon, back away calmly and in a decisive manner. Should a raccoon pursue you, do what you can to cover your arms, neck, face and head using your clothing, jacket or backpack as a shield. If you’ve got pepper spray with you, use it if needed.

Should you find that a raccoon seems to be coming around your house all too often, and it’s a total nuisance, then you should call specialists to capture and remove it from your property and area in general.

Raccoons tend to take up residence in people’s attics or chimneys. They make a mess looking for food in and around your garbage cans/bags, and they also love to steal pet food and bird seed. Their presence in your yard or house can really bother your pets, especially dogs. Therefore, if a raccoon is causing problems, call professionals to get rid of it. In Mobile, Alabama, call Critter Control at 251-680-5068 or at our Jackson, MS number at 769-895-6022.

How Do Bats Get In Your Home?

Do you have bats in your home? How did they get inside? Why did they come inside your house?

Bats like to look for places that offer shelter from the elements and protection from predators; They also like stable temperatures. Therefore, many homes offer them the ideal place to live. So how do they get in? There are plenty of ways, including windows, chimneys, vents, roofing, walls, siding(s) and fascia boards, especially where there are gaps, cracks or holes allowing them inside.

Do you leave your unscreened windows open sometimes? If so, that’s one way bats could get inside your home.

Does your house have a chimney? Bats love chimneys, so if you don’t have a chimney cap installed, it’s likely they enter(ed) the house that way! Similarly, many homes have vents letting air inside and out of the house, and vents attract insects, which attract bats. Ideally, you want decent vent covers to avoid bats getting inside via vents.

What about your roof? If it’s damaged with a hole or crack, bats can get inside that way and make their home in your attic. You might need a professional to caulk any holes or cracks. They can also get in via gaps between bricks or walls of the house as well as through deteriorated/rotting siding or fascia boards.

Bats tend to end up in attics, sheds and barns which are generally uncrowded, silent, warm and isolated places where they can feed on plenty of spiders and insects. That said, once in a while they’re flying around people’s bedrooms or living rooms, which is when Critter Capture gets a call…

If you suspect you’ve got a bat problem and want the bat or bats gone, call Critter Capture of Mobile, Alabama, at 251-680-5068 or our Jackson, MS number at 769-895-6022 or email lea@critter-capture.comCheck out this page for more info.

Why Would a Snake Come on My Property?

The fear of snakes is called ophidiophobia. Most healthcare professionals think this fear is a combination of genetics, learned behavior and superstitions. Snakes, for a long, long time, have been associated with evil and temptation. That said, most people do not encounter snakes that often, unless they work at a zoo or happen to live on a property that attracts snakes.

What Attracts Wild Snakes to a Home

Why would snakes be attracted to a property? They’re looking for food, water and shelter. They like to live in a cool, moist area. Therefore, if your yard has overgrown grass or bushes/plants, those are areas that might attract snakes. So, if you want to avoid snakes, keep your lawn cut and your bushes and plants properly trimmed. Meanwhile, if you have spots or puddles of water on your property, fill them in with soil and get rid of them! Snakes like properties with puddles.

If your property is home to rodents and birds, then snakes are likely to follow since they eat those animals. Therefore, if you have a birdfeeder in your yard, get rid of it. That way you’ll eliminate all the dropped seeds that attract pests. If you feed your own pets outdoors, stop doing that, too, since any “extra” feed scattered in the lawn will attract pests.

If you have clutter in your yard, clean it up. Don’t give snakes a place to call home– get rid of debris that they’d use as hiding spots.

If you have a garden pond, just be aware that your pond could be attracting snakes.

The more sun exposure your yard has, the better, because snakes are looking for cooler places– they don’t want to be in the sun too long. So maybe consider getting rid of some shade trees, etc.

Basically, you can make your property unappealing to snakes and other pests. If you need professional help to get rid of snakes on your property, call Critter Capture of Mobile, Alabama, at 251-680-5068.

How to Make Your Home Rodent-Free This Fall

In Mobile, Alabama, in August, the outdoor air temperature can get well into the 90s– HOT! Then comes Fall, when the temperatures start to cool down somewhat– and some nights it’ll be in the 50s. When that happens, outdoor critters might be looking to find a place to call home for the winter– some place to keep warm and protected. They might be thinking about infiltrating your house to make it their home. And what do you think about that? If you’re like most people, you do NOT want rodents in your house. They belong outdoors, preferably far from the house.

What are some ideas for keeping unwanted critters from your home this Fall?

Drainage System

Check your drainage system and make sure it’s taking water away from the home properly. If a gutter or downspout is broken or clogged, you might have pooling water at your home’s foundation, and that attracts wildlife. Get your gutters cleaned out and make sure the gutters and downspouts are in good working condition. Replace any broken ones.

Find Cracks

Look around the exterior of your home for any cracks that could let critters inside. Seal them up using caulk and/or steel wool. Pay attention to anywhere structures, like pipes, enter the house, as that’s often where cracks/holes develop and critters get in. Meanwhile, replace any loose mortar and/or weather-stripping.

Distance Between House and Firewood

Do you store firewood outside? Keep it at least 20 feet from the house. If you have overgrown shrubs and trees, trim them down– you don’t want critters crawling up them to get on your roof and into your chimney.

If you have damaged door screens, fix them, and install door sweeps, too.

Interior Tips

Inside the house, keep the kitchen counters free of food and water spills so as not to attract wildlife. If you have pet food, store it in plastic containers. Sweep up crumbs from your floors. Put a lid on your garbage can so it can be sealed shut.

These are just some good ideas to avoid having problems in your home this Fall. Should you discover that some critters have gotten inside and you want them gone, call Critter Capture of Mobile, Alabama, at 251-680-5068.

Summer is Rat Season

It’s summertime, and the rats are taking over some places! Summer is rat season because it’s when their food and water sources are most readily and easily available. Think about all the outdoor picnics and get-togethers people have, where food crumbs end up on the ground. Rats will come get them.

Rats are active during the summer season and they’ll look for a new place to live if/when a storm drives them out of their current hole they’re hiding in… And when rats are looking for a new place to live, they could end up in your basement, wall(s) or attic.

How would you know if you’ve got a rat infestation in your home this summer?

Noise in House

First, you’d probably hear their activity in your house. You’d hear them running through walls and attics– listen for noises and scratching sounds. Keep in mind they could be chewing up your electrical wires and/or insulation.


Next, be on the lookout for fecal matter. If you notice poop in dark, hidden areas of the house, you might have rats. Their poop can bring with it disease, so you don’t want it to linger long. Rats, by the way, like to breed in warm and dry places.

Bite and Scratch Markets

Finally, if you notice what looks like bite and scratch marks on your furniture or floors, those might be coming from rats. They tend to show up around pantry and cabinet doors– since rats are trying to get to food sources.

If you are worried you might have a house that’s infested with rats, especially if you saw one running across a room, then it’s time to call Critter Capture of Mobile, Alabama, at 251-680-5068. A professional can come to your house, get rid of the rat problem and clean up any mess they left behind.

Proper Cleanup is Essential After You Have a Rodent Problem

Don’t read this if you’ve got a weak stomach or throw up easily. There– you’ve been warned…

Rodents– ugh, right? Some mice are cute, like Mickey Mouse, especially if they’re a cartoon character. But most rodents, in real life, creep people out! And when they’re running around the floors of your house or building? It’s not unusual for some people to faint! Or run outside in a panic. Now rodents aren’t THAT scary, but… to some people they certainly are very good at making them nervous. If you ask the average person what rodents spread, they’ll reply, “disease.” And they’re not wrong.

You Need a Thorough Clean After Having a Rodent Problem

Do you have rat poop in your house? If and when you’ve got a rodent problem, you need Critter Capture to come “take care of it.” Besides getting rid of the rodents in question, you’ve also got to make sure someone handles proper cleanup of their disgusting, smelly, awful poop and urine. Yes, it’s disgusting. No, you don’t want to clean it yourself. Critter Capture not only captures critters, but cleans up after them, too, so you don’t have to do the dirty work.

Spaces will need to be sanitized– for your protection! Who knows what lingers in rodent fecal matter? Just the thought of it alone is enough to cause people to retch. If the “crap” doesn’t get cleaned up, expect people and/or pets in the area to experience health problems, including allergies and viruses. Plus, getting rid of their “scent” helps because other rodents are attracted to that scent, and you don’t want ANY more around, right?

You get the idea: critter crap needs to go! So call Critter Capture of Mobile, Alabama, at 251-680-5068 and explain your situation– and then help will be on the way. It’s a dirty job, but Critter Capture will do it.

Leave it to Professionals When Removing Snakes From Your Property

What do people fear? There’s public speaking, of course, but there are also several animals and critters people will literally run away from– rats, mice, cockroaches, spiders and snakes to name a few. Slithering along, snakes often surprise people. They come and go quickly. If you’ve seen one in your house, you were probably surprised and as soon as you saw it you yelped and it was gone. Now you’re like, “Where is that thing?” It can unsettle a person’s nerves knowing there’s a snake or several snakes lurking around a house– or worse– in the living room or bedroom. Yikes! Some people are deathly afraid of snakes.

If you have snakes in your home, what can you do? You should have a professional remove snakes from your property.

Where Snakes Like to Set Up Shop

Snakes like to find warm places to call home. They might live under wooden steps, in basement walls or in garages or tool sheds. Since they’re so flexible, they can seemingly squeeze into the smallest cracks or holes.

There are venomous and nonvenomous snakes. Professionals know the difference. They also know how to properly (and safely) remove snakes from a home. They can take them elsewhere in accordance with local wildlife control regulations. You don’t want snakes bothering you, your kids and/or your pets. You don’t want anyone or anything experiencing a snake bite. Snakes can spread diseases– ugh!

Worried you might have a snake infestation in your place? Call Critter Capture of Mobile, Alabama, to come take care of the problem. Call 251-680-5068 to make an appointment. Critter Capture has the tools, knowledge and expertise to get rid of snakes that you do not want on your property. Furthermore, Critter Capture has the courage to deal with snakes if and when you’d rather not! Feel free to email for details.

Look Out For Rodents on Your Porch and Deck This Summer

Summer’s coming and with that comes warmer weather. People will spend time outdoors on their porches and decks, enjoying some sunshine. But what if rodents appear while a person is just trying to relax? What if a rat shows up on the porch? Or a mouse squeaks by on the patio? You might need to call Critter Capture… but more on that later.

Rodents Leave Clues

Figure out if you have rodents and deal with them if you do. Look for tracks, waste droppings and holes chewed into wood. If and when you find evidence of pests, consider using environmentally friendly rat control options or perhaps a poison you get from the local discount store. If you need to, there’s the option of catch and release traps. Furthermore, do what you can to make your area inhospitable to rodents. They want a place where vegetation and debris keep intruders away, so clear out those things from under your deck or porch if possible. Since rodents like dark areas, do what you can to let light shine where they might be living. Get rid of the materials they’d use for nests, such as leaves, grass and loose dirt.

Proactive Measures

Some people choose to dig a trench around their deck or porch and then install a fine mesh screen so rodents can’t easily get under there. Others try to keep hedges and plants neat and trim, as well as keeping their deck clean and clear of things like food scraps. Meanwhile, keeping lids tight on garbage cans and/or using rodent-proof bird feeders can also help keep pests away from a house.

Rodent Specialists

Despite people’s best efforts, though, sometimes the rodent problem is just out of control and it can be overwhelming. That’s when you call Critter Capture and have professionals get rid of the pests! Serving Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana’s Gulf Coast, Critter Capture is the animal and rodent removal service you need to call at 251-680-5068 when you want to rid your deck or patio of unwanted pests.