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  2. Local animal shelter in the city – 251-208-2800
  3. Animal Rescue Foundation – 251-478-9743
  4. Local SPCA in the county – 251-633-3531
  5. If you are in the Central Mississippi area, and have wildlife issues, see the following website:

Top 5 Dangers in Removing Wildlife Yourself

Disease – A lot of wildlife carry serious diseases that are harmful to humans.  Raccoons for example are commonly known for hosting the virus Roundworm that can cause damage to the liver and lungs.  For more information on awareness of the dangers of disease, click HERE.

Safety – Hiring Critter Capture will eliminate the risk of bringing harm to you or the animal. Where most of the wildlife burrows is a small, usually unstable place for an untrained professional to be going.  Dangers and Damages will give you examples of structural and physical damage that can be caused from wildlife removal.

Complete Removal – Wildlife is very good and sneaky at nesting.  Maybe you are able to remove what you think is the only intruder, that doesn’t ensure that they didn’t leave any offspring behind.  At Critter Capture we have experts that know just what to do and where to look to be sure nothing is left behind.  A good example is mice. You may catch one, but it usually doesn’t end there.  For more insight visit Creature Control.

Exclusion – No one wants to remove wildlife over and over again.  Our team will be sure to eliminate your problem once and for all.  The key is sealing entry ways where the wildlife can get in or out.  Until Critter Capture is able to solve your problem, here are a few quick fixes you can do in the meantime Natural Handyman.

Humane Removal – Yes, uninvited guests can be a nuisance, but they don’t know any better, and we do have the obligation to remove them without harm.  We are trained to trap and remove without any harm to you or the animal.  Here are national rules and guidelines National Animal Control Association Guidelines to be followed by all wildlife removal personnel.