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Tips for Nuisance Wildlife Prevention in Mobile, AL

A rat in the rafters of an attic.

Critters may be fine to have around… as long as they’re not in your yard, close to your house, causing trouble! What are some tips for nuisance wildlife prevention? In other words, how can you keep critters like squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, opossums, and skunks away from your house so they don’t bother you, your plants,… Read more »

Does My Home Have a Rodent Problem?

Squirrel Nest Damage to Exterior of Home

“Does my home have a rodent problem?” is a question you hope you don’t have to ask, but… sometimes you might have to ask that exact question. What are some things to look for to figure out if you need to call Critter Capture to have them take care of a rodent problem? Chew Marks… Read more »

Pest Control Preparations Are Vital for the Winter, Even in Alabama!

Rat Trying to Get in Home

Winters in Mobile, Alabama, can be warm, though some days in January can see temperatures in the 40s. Did you know the daily January high is around 60 degrees and the low is around 42 degrees? Pest control is important in the winter, even in warmer climates like Alabama. One thing that people notice when… Read more »