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Why Do Mice Keeping Coming Into My Home?

mouse in house sniffing crumbs

Have you noticed a mouse in your house? If so, you’re probably wondering, “Why are they coming to my house of all places?” Food Typically, the main reason you might find mice in your house is that they’re seeking food, and you have food! For instance, do you ever leave food out on the counter… Read more »

How Mice Can Cause Serious Issues in Your Home

Mouse Chewing a Wire

Some people keep mice as pets. Of course, when they do, these  cute critters are kept in cages! Other people, though, discover unwanted mice living in their homes. These are the not-so-cute kind of pests Critter Capture receives phone calls or emails about– usually with the line, “Get rid of them, please!”  Having unwelcome mice… Read more »

Things to Know About Roof Rats

Roof Rats

For most people, when we hear the term rats, we think of little critters meandering through basements, sewers and other underground areas. However, did you know there are rats who prefer to find their shelter in the upper levels of homes or buildings, and are thus commonly referred to ‘roof rats’? Roof rats, which are… Read more »

Reasons to Take Care of a Rat or Mice Problem Immediately

Mouse Chewing a Wire

If you have rats or mice living in your home, you might be forced to face all kinds of health risks. Rats and mice can spread diseases to both people and pets, including some diseases that can lead to death if they’re not treated right away. Rats and mice can also do a ton of… Read more »