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Don’t Let Rodents Cause Significant Damage to Your Property

Some people love rodents like mice and rats (and even squirrels) and keep them as beloved pets. That said, most people hate rodents and want nothing to do with them. The mere sight of a mouse or rat scurrying across a floor or sidewalk can incite panic in a lot of people. So, whether you… Read more »

Are Raccoons Dangerous to Pets and Kids?

Racoons Pest Control

Raccoons are medium-sized mammals native to North America. Typically, most raccoons measure between 16 to 28 inches in body length and weigh between 11 and 57 pounds. Their most distinguishing features include front paws, facial masks, and ringed tails. Raccoons are intelligent– studies show that they can remember the solution to tasks for at least… Read more »

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