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At Critter Capture LLC, we have more than 15 years of experience in capturing and removing a variety of different wildlife before restoring your home or business and preventing those pests from ever returning. Here are some things to know about the various animals who may want to take over part of your home.


Raccoons are a fairly common pest, and they can cause problems in a number of different ways. They can make a home in your attic or in your chimney. They’re perhaps best known for tipping over garbage cans to find treats. They also steal pet food and bird seed. The presence of raccoons can alarm your pets as they can occasionally carry disease.


Bats often take up residence in attics and barns, as both are amenable to their needs. They’re able to get into so many structures as they can squeeze their bodies down to less than a half-inch of space. If bats find your home or business to be hospitable enough, they will gather in large numbers and eventually will require professional removal.


While most squirrels make their home in trees, they’ll also use buildings as nesting areas. They are capable of finding a small opening and chewing a wider hole to get in. They bring nesting materials into the building. They’re not quiet creatures – you may notice them scurrying around or falling down your chimney. They often leave behind quite a bit of urine and droppings so you may need attic decontamination services.


Mice and rats may be the most common pest problem. If you have a rat problem, we’ll stop by figuring out how the rats are getting into your home or business and permanently sealing off those entry points. Once they’re trapped, we can capture and remove them before decontaminating the area they’ve been occupying. Mice can be a bit more slippery, however. They tend to weigh less than one ounce and can fit through a crack less than a quarter inch wide. Though tiny, they can be quite a nuisance, eating your food, defecating in your home and chewing through wires. Additionally, both mice and rats carry a number of diseases. If you’ve spotted any signs either of them are in your home or business, it’s wise to call a professional.