Does My Home Have a Rodent Problem?

“Does my home have a rodent problem?” is a question you hope you don’t have to ask, but… sometimes you might have to ask that exact question.

What are some things to look for to figure out if you need to call Critter Capture to have them take care of a rodent problem?

Chew Marks

Rodents love to gnaw on things. Look for small chew marks on baseboards, wires, and anything that’s made of wood or cardboard in your house (or business).

Strange Odors

How about odors? If you smell a musky or rotting odor in the house or office, you might have an infestation.

Hyperactive Pets

Do you have a pet dog or cat who scratches at walls or acts “odd” in certain parts of the house or building? If so, you might have rodents.

Things You Don’t Want to Step On

Of course there’s other, ahem, “evidence” that gets left behind. You might end up seeing “droppings” on the floor. Look for small, dark brown poops with pointed ends– and if you find them, you might have mice or rats around. Rodent droppings can cause allergy problems for some people. You might also be able to see footprints in dusty areas.

Evidence in Walls and/or Floorboards

Got holes in the wall that look “chewed out?” Rats and mice like to gnaw holes in walls for entry/exit points.

Do you ever hear noise in the walls or along floorboards? You might have rodents scampering or scratching about the house or building. In particular, listen for noises coming from inside walls, as well as ceilings and attics.

Have you seen mice or rats in your home or business? They could be living behind your walls and in your ceiling(s). They can contaminate food sources and spread diseases. Get rid of them! Call Critter Capture of Mobile, Alabama, at 251-680-5068. You can also email for professional wildlife removal services or use the contact page here.