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Wildlife Removal

What wildlife do you remove?

Bats, Opossums, Mice, Rats, Squirrels, Raccoons

Do you remove dogs and cats?

No, please call your local animal control office.

Do you remove hurt or injured animals?

No, call a local veterinarian's office and ask for a rehabilitator.

Do you remove ducks, geese or alligators?

No, please call your animal control office or the department of wildlife in your area.

Do you remove honey bees?

No, please call a local beekeeper.

Do you remove coyotes, bobcats or beavers?

No, please call your local animal control office or the department of wildlife in your area.

About Our Company

Are you a pest control company?

No, we do not do any insect or termite removal or prevention. We specialize in wildlife removal, prevention and restoration only.

Are you a free service?

No, we are a private company and we charge for our services.


Can you prevent wildlife from getting back into our house?

In most cases, yes we can locate the entry point and block it off to prevent future infestations.

Will you remove animals from our yard, or just from our house?

We will remove animals from the house or the property (yard) but there is a fee to do so.

Who would we contact if we were attacked by a dog?

Your local animal control office.

Do you have a question about wildlife
inside or around your home?

Contact Critter Capture today for all questions about wildlife removal, prevention and restoration.

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