Finding the Right Company for Wildlife Removal

As the cold weather nears, animals look for ways to hide out where you least expect it. This could be anywhere outside or even inside your home. While the uninvited guests make themselves comfortable, as a homeowner, you may start to worry about the damage they can cause on your property. After all, they are called “wild animals” for a reason. Finding the right company for wildlife removal can help catch the critters in no time so that you can get back to your regular schedule.

Preservation and Elimination

Getting rid of wildlife requires more than just removal. The right company should have a preservation and elimination plan in place to properly capture them. For example, setting traps and poisonous chemicals is far from what a company would do if they claim to care about preserving an animal’s life. Instead, they should work to target the exact location of the animal, proceed to humanely capture them and then release them into an approved area. Killing any type of wildlife affects the animal life cycle and can cause other animals to become extinct or to reproduce in overly large numbers in the ecosystem. 

Infestation and Odor Specialization 

While one critter can seem like more than enough, an infestation is a common and certainly unexpected problem. Wildlife removal companies should specialize in infestation as these situations are more complicated to work with. Once a critter has been removed from the area, there is no guarantee that another will not reappear. Offspring are known to return to the same denning grounds as they leave behind their natural scent that attracts other wildlife animals alike. The right company should therefore use anti-microbial sprays following the removal to get rid of unwanted odors. 

Restoration and Cleanup Services

Companies that remove wildlife should also restore any damaged property. Animals are known to leave biohazardous waste behind, so cleanup and deodorization is necessary. Removal of nests and food debris in hard-to-reach areas such as insulations in attics is also part of the restoration process. Experts not only know how to remove the animals but identify their scents and are able to trace wildlife animal behavior and patterns that lead to destruction. This can help find and stop other animal sources from entering the residential property in the future. The right company will attempt to close any openings or small holes and crawl spaces to further prevent them from entering. 

If you see any raccoons, bats, squirrels, mice or rats around your residential property, call us today for proper wildlife removal at (251) 680-5068. At Critter Capture, our team of experts can handle any wildlife creature while knowing the important role they play for our ecosystem. We specialize in the removal, restoration and prevention processes. 

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