How Do Bats Get In Your Home?

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Do you have bats in your home? How did they get inside? Why did they come inside your house?

Bats like to look for places that offer shelter from the elements and protection from predators; They also like stable temperatures. Therefore, many homes offer them the ideal place to live. So how do they get in? There are plenty of ways, including windows, chimneys, vents, roofing, walls, siding(s) and fascia boards, especially where there are gaps, cracks or holes allowing them inside.

Do you leave your unscreened windows open sometimes? If so, that’s one way bats could get inside your home.

Does your house have a chimney? Bats love chimneys, so if you don’t have a chimney cap installed, it’s likely they enter(ed) the house that way! Similarly, many homes have vents letting air inside and out of the house, and vents attract insects, which attract bats. Ideally, you want decent vent covers to avoid bats getting inside via vents.

What about your roof? If it’s damaged with a hole or crack, bats can get inside that way and make their home in your attic. You might need a professional to caulk any holes or cracks. They can also get in via gaps between bricks or walls of the house as well as through deteriorated/rotting siding or fascia boards.

Bats tend to end up in attics, sheds and barns which are generally uncrowded, silent, warm and isolated places where they can feed on plenty of spiders and insects. That said, once in a while they’re flying around people’s bedrooms or living rooms, which is when Critter Capture gets a call…

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