How Mice Can Cause Serious Issues in Your Home

Some people keep mice as pets. Of course, when they do, these  cute critters are kept in cages! Other people, though, discover unwanted mice living in their homes. These are the not-so-cute kind of pests Critter Capture receives phone calls or emails about– usually with the line, “Get rid of them, please!” 

Having unwelcome mice in your house can be a serious issue.

Movements at Night

Mice are nocturnal creatures, so if you hear scratching noises at night, notice poop droppings (little brown/black rod-shaped pellets with pointed ends), or smell an ammonia-like smell in your home, you might have a mice issue.  Where there’s one there’s probably more, hidden in your walls or perhaps behind your kitchen appliances or under the sink.

Disease Transmission

Mice carry disease. Obviously you don’t want to catch something like Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis by breathing in the dust from an area where mice peed or pooped. You don’t want mice biting your pets or kids. 

House mice look for a warm place to live that’s close to food and water. They’ll make nests from paper, fabric, insulation, cotton and packing materials. You might find these nests inside walls, under floorboards or in the attic.

Gnawing Away  

What kind of damage will mice do? Well, they love to gnaw things including your nice wooden furniture. It’s possible that they’ll chew through electrical wires and they could start a fire! 

Ideally, you might need to store your food in airtight containers, keep a very sanitary house, seal up holes in pipes/roofing, and cover vents/chimneys with wire mesh in order to keep mice from harming your house. 

And, of course, call Critter Capture of Mobile, AL, to help deal with your mice infestation. The number is 251-680-5068.