How to Avoid Having a Colony of Bats Setting Up Shop in Your Home

Colony of Bats in attic

How would you know if you have bats in your house or building? If you were standing outside, looking at your house, you might see them exiting your place! They tend to leave roosts in order to feed around dusk each night. So, as the sun goes down, look at your eaves and vents to see if these flying critters are present. You can also find them sneaking out through holes in the siding and/or from behind shutters. Meanwhile, keep in mind they poop, so look for evidence of their droppings near eaves and/or holes in your exterior siding– dark brown stains may be there!  

Where Would a Colony of Bats Reside?

If you’re inside your house or building and you hear a lot of noise coming from your attic, maybe there’s a large colony of bats in there. Typically, either little brown bats or big brown bats are the types of bats causing problems for homeowners.

Now if it’s just one bat that somehow got into your house, you can see if you can close off doorways to a particular room where the bat is and then open the window in there to allow it to fly out on its own. People have also used jars or boxes to capture and remove a single bat from their home. Since bats may give people rabies, it’s best to wear heavy leather gloves in case your hand(s) touch the bat.

Getting rid of bats can typically involve letting all of them fly outside and then sealing up their entry point(s) so they can’t get back in. That said, if you’re concerned about bats in your house and you don’t want to deal with them on your own, you can always call Critter Capture to “take care of the problem.” Critter Capture, of Mobile, Alabama, can be reached by calling 251-680-5068 or 769-895-6022 for our Jackson, MS number.