How to Make Your Home Rodent-Free This Fall

In Mobile, Alabama, in August, the outdoor air temperature can get well into the 90s– HOT! Then comes Fall, when the temperatures start to cool down somewhat– and some nights it’ll be in the 50s. When that happens, outdoor critters might be looking to find a place to call home for the winter– some place to keep warm and protected. They might be thinking about infiltrating your house to make it their home. And what do you think about that? If you’re like most people, you do NOT want rodents in your house. They belong outdoors, preferably far from the house.

What are some ideas for keeping unwanted critters from your home this Fall?

Drainage System

Check your drainage system and make sure it’s taking water away from the home properly. If a gutter or downspout is broken or clogged, you might have pooling water at your home’s foundation, and that attracts wildlife. Get your gutters cleaned out and make sure the gutters and downspouts are in good working condition. Replace any broken ones.

Find Cracks

Look around the exterior of your home for any cracks that could let critters inside. Seal them up using caulk and/or steel wool. Pay attention to anywhere structures, like pipes, enter the house, as that’s often where cracks/holes develop and critters get in. Meanwhile, replace any loose mortar and/or weather-stripping.

Distance Between House and Firewood

Do you store firewood outside? Keep it at least 20 feet from the house. If you have overgrown shrubs and trees, trim them down– you don’t want critters crawling up them to get on your roof and into your chimney.

If you have damaged door screens, fix them, and install door sweeps, too.

Interior Tips

Inside the house, keep the kitchen counters free of food and water spills so as not to attract wildlife. If you have pet food, store it in plastic containers. Sweep up crumbs from your floors. Put a lid on your garbage can so it can be sealed shut.

These are just some good ideas to avoid having problems in your home this Fall. Should you discover that some critters have gotten inside and you want them gone, call Critter Capture of Mobile, Alabama, at 251-680-5068.