Leave it to Professionals When Removing Snakes From Your Property

snake near a backyard shed

What do people fear? There’s public speaking, of course, but there are also several animals and critters people will literally run away from– rats, mice, cockroaches, spiders and snakes to name a few. Slithering along, snakes often surprise people. They come and go quickly. If you’ve seen one in your house, you were probably surprised and as soon as you saw it you yelped and it was gone. Now you’re like, “Where is that thing?” It can unsettle a person’s nerves knowing there’s a snake or several snakes lurking around a house– or worse– in the living room or bedroom. Yikes! Some people are deathly afraid of snakes.

If you have snakes in your home, what can you do? You should have a professional remove snakes from your property.

Where Snakes Like to Set Up Shop

Snakes like to find warm places to call home. They might live under wooden steps, in basement walls or in garages or tool sheds. Since they’re so flexible, they can seemingly squeeze into the smallest cracks or holes.

There are venomous and nonvenomous snakes. Professionals know the difference. They also know how to properly (and safely) remove snakes from a home. They can take them elsewhere in accordance with local wildlife control regulations. You don’t want snakes bothering you, your kids and/or your pets. You don’t want anyone or anything experiencing a snake bite. Snakes can spread diseases– ugh!

Worried you might have a snake infestation in your place? Call Critter Capture of Mobile, Alabama, to come take care of the problem. Call 251-680-5068 to make an appointment. Critter Capture has the tools, knowledge and expertise to get rid of snakes that you do not want on your property. Furthermore, Critter Capture has the courage to deal with snakes if and when you’d rather not! Feel free to email rick@critter-capture.com for details.