Look Out For Rodents on Your Porch and Deck This Summer

Summer’s coming and with that comes warmer weather. People will spend time outdoors on their porches and decks, enjoying some sunshine. But what if rodents appear while a person is just trying to relax? What if a rat shows up on the porch? Or a mouse squeaks by on the patio? You might need to call Critter Capture… but more on that later.

Rodents Leave Clues

Figure out if you have rodents and deal with them if you do. Look for tracks, waste droppings and holes chewed into wood. If and when you find evidence of pests, consider using environmentally friendly rat control options or perhaps a poison you get from the local discount store. If you need to, there’s the option of catch and release traps. Furthermore, do what you can to make your area inhospitable to rodents. They want a place where vegetation and debris keep intruders away, so clear out those things from under your deck or porch if possible. Since rodents like dark areas, do what you can to let light shine where they might be living. Get rid of the materials they’d use for nests, such as leaves, grass and loose dirt.

Proactive Measures

Some people choose to dig a trench around their deck or porch and then install a fine mesh screen so rodents can’t easily get under there. Others try to keep hedges and plants neat and trim, as well as keeping their deck clean and clear of things like food scraps. Meanwhile, keeping lids tight on garbage cans and/or using rodent-proof bird feeders can also help keep pests away from a house.

Rodent Specialists

Despite people’s best efforts, though, sometimes the rodent problem is just out of control and it can be overwhelming. That’s when you call Critter Capture and have professionals get rid of the pests! Serving Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana’s Gulf Coast, Critter Capture is the animal and rodent removal service you need to call at 251-680-5068 when you want to rid your deck or patio of unwanted pests.