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About Mobile, AL and Mobile County 

  • Mobile County is located in southwestern Alabama. Living in the second largest populated county, plenty of Mobile County’s citizens inquire about wildlife removal, restoration and prevention services. 
  • Mobile County’s weather forecast is generally warm year-round. With surrounding bodies of water such as Mobile Bay, the Mobile River and the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta, there are more land animals looking for a dry and safe habitat amongst the residing neighborhoods and businesses. 
  • The most common wildlife in Mobile County are raccoons.
  • The city of Mobile is known as the Port City.

Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife has a way of showing us how quickly it can adapt to the world around them. However, sometimes the new habitat is your very own property. 

At Critter Capture in Mobile County, we understand the importance of keeping critters out of your property for both health and safety reasons. We specialize in wildlife removal services while conserving the well-being of the animals themselves. We also are cautious of other animals that are not affected by the removal. 

Residential and Commercial Properties

Wildlife is known to destroy any material as it makes its way to a final destination. This trek could be costly if the animals are not stopped in their tracks on time. By keeping them away from your property, we eliminate the risk of potential damages and health hazards to both residential and commercial properties. 

  • Critter Capture proudly protects residential properties in the Mobile County area
  • Commercial businesses in Mobile, AL include restaurants, retailers, factories, industrial areas and corporate offices.

Failing health inspections is one of the ways businesses can easily be shut down, which creates a gap in Mobile County.

Capture and Removal Services

Critter Capture carries out a comprehensive process that executes proper methods for wildlife removal, including:

  • Inspection of property to identify potential solutions 
  • Only focusing on target animal(s) 
  • Capturing the animal(s)
  • Releasing the animal(s) in an approved area

Types of rodents covered:

With Alabama being home to 62 native mammals, critters are usually found in attics, basements, alleys, backyard sheds or dens. 

As a courteous disclaimer: we refrain the right from removing dog or cat breeds as they do not fall under our list of nuisance wildlife control removal. 


Experts at Critter Capture do more than remove animals and restore the property after capturing the animals. The purpose of restoration is to eliminate odors and pheromones while taking health precautions to create a clean and sanitized space.

Repairing animal damage and restoring spaces to its original state include:

  • Cleaning up and vacuuming (or manually removing) animal droppings, hairs and any biohazardous waste 
  • Removal of nesting material, food debris and heavily soiled insulation
  • Heavy misting of atomized Bioshield decontaminating agent

Nuisance Prevention Plan

An additional service provided by Critter Capture LLC in Mobile County is the nuisance prevention plan. With the nuisance prevention plan, experts examine the area and look for any cracks where wildlife can easily gain access to the property. 

At Critter Capture, our team of experts can handle any wildlife while knowing the important role it may play for our ecosystem. We specialize in the wildlife removal, restoration and prevention processes. Call us today to get your space running smoothly again at (251) 680-5068.

Do you need wildlife removal?

If you find that wildlife has made a home in or around your property, contact the experts at Critter Capture today to remove these animals safely and humanely.

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