Pest Prevention 101: How to Keep Pests Out of Your Attic

In your house, do you spend a lot of time in your attic? If you’re like most people, you rarely if ever spend time there. Yet the attic is one of the places in a house where pests and critters love to visit, and take up residence! In an attic, you might get bats, birds, raccoons, insects, etc.

Prevent Pests From Getting In Your Attic

How can you prevent pests from getting into your attic? Well, you have to understand where they’re likely to enter the attic… and that’s usually through gaps or crevices in the roofing system. Damaged flashing or soffits can allow pests entry to your house. This is especially true around chimneys. Ventilation areas are another way “in.” Openings at the ridge or ridge vents, gable vents, or exterior siding can allow pests to enter your house, as can missing/damaged shingles or gutters.

One of the best things you can do is to make it hard for pests to get up on your roof. So, if you have a tree with overhanging branches, trim those branches or cut the tree down so it’s not a direct route for animals like squirrels to get on and off your roof. Also, have a contractor seal holes, cracks and openings on the exterior of your home. And, if possible, make sure your attic is properly insulated. A professional can come to your house and inspect both the interior and exterior to look for signs that you might have a pest infestation. He or she can then remedy the problem.

In Mobile, Alabama, you can call Rick from Critter Capture at 251-680-5068 or email Critter Capture is often called when someone has wild animals living in their attic. Not only do the animals have to be caught and removed, but then damages have to be repaired and the mess they made needs to be cleaned up! After all, an animal’s home is also its toilet. Don’t worry– Critter Capture can do “restoration” services in your attic.