Pest, Rodent, Animal & Wildlife Removal Ridgeland, MS

When you have an unwanted visitor on your hands at your home or business, usually asking them to leave does the trick to rid you of any nuisance. However, when you have a pest, rodent, animal, or wildlife problem on your hands the situation can quickly get out of control.

Critter Capture is here to help. We specialize in pest, rodent, animal and wildlife removal in Ridgeland, MS, and its surrounding communities.


Even though bats provide benefits like insect control, you probably don’t want them taking residence in your home or business. We can help rid you of your bat infestation to ensure your home or business is clean and safe again.


If you’re having trouble executing sanitation, inspection, and exclusion when it comes to a rat problem, Critter Capture has the expertise to get the job done right the first time around. We will help rid you of your rat problem once and for all.


With the raccoon population in the United States on the rise, you might experience a raccoon infestation that will need to be addressed immediately and professionally. After removal, we will help decontaminate your space and seal off entry points.


Squirrel problems are common during the spring and winter months. Squirrels can become a problem when they occupy attics, tearing up insulation and devaluing your property. When it’s time to bring in a pro, Critter Capture will rise to the occasion and make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work.


Although opossums help get rid of rats, snakes, and insects, it’s likely that you don’t want to keep them as roommates. We will help you get rid of your possum problem and make sure that it goes away for good.

Snake Pest Control Problem


Snakes are among the scariest infestations our customers come into contact with. No matter if you’re dealing with garden variety snakes or something more dangerous, Critter Capture will successfully remove unwanted snake infestations for the long haul.

Flying Squirrel Removal

Flying squirrels might seem like fun, that is until they invade your attic. Flying squirrels love gaps and holes in the roof, gutters, downspouts, and walls. If you are overwhelmed by any pest problem, our professional technicians will work tirelessly until you are rid of your problem for good.

Contact Critter Capture today for expert pest, rodent, animal & wildlife removal in Ridgeland, MS. We have a long track record of success and we’re here to help with any pest or wildlife problem you have.