Proper Cleanup is Essential After You Have a Rodent Problem

Don’t read this if you’ve got a weak stomach or throw up easily. There– you’ve been warned…

Rodents– ugh, right? Some mice are cute, like Mickey Mouse, especially if they’re a cartoon character. But most rodents, in real life, creep people out! And when they’re running around the floors of your house or building? It’s not unusual for some people to faint! Or run outside in a panic. Now rodents aren’t THAT scary, but… to some people they certainly are very good at making them nervous. If you ask the average person what rodents spread, they’ll reply, “disease.” And they’re not wrong.

You Need a Thorough Clean After Having a Rodent Problem

Do you have rat poop in your house? If and when you’ve got a rodent problem, you need Critter Capture to come “take care of it.” Besides getting rid of the rodents in question, you’ve also got to make sure someone handles proper cleanup of their disgusting, smelly, awful poop and urine. Yes, it’s disgusting. No, you don’t want to clean it yourself. Critter Capture not only captures critters, but cleans up after them, too, so you don’t have to do the dirty work.

Spaces will need to be sanitized– for your protection! Who knows what lingers in rodent fecal matter? Just the thought of it alone is enough to cause people to retch. If the “crap” doesn’t get cleaned up, expect people and/or pets in the area to experience health problems, including allergies and viruses. Plus, getting rid of their “scent” helps because other rodents are attracted to that scent, and you don’t want ANY more around, right?

You get the idea: critter crap needs to go! So call Critter Capture of Mobile, Alabama, at 251-680-5068 and explain your situation– and then help will be on the way. It’s a dirty job, but Critter Capture will do it.