Rodent Clean Up Services

Restoration Services in Mobile, Al

Capturing and removing animals from a home or business is only half the battle. Often, the animals that have invaded your home have left quite a mess behind. These pests use whatever area they’ve carved out for themselves as a bathroom, in addition to leave behind unpleasant odors and causing damage. At Critter Capture LLC, we have more than 15 years of experience in restoring homes and businesses from damage caused by wildlife.

Mice Dropping and Rodent Clean Up Services in Mobile, Al

One of the most common issues we deal with at Critter Capture LLC is pests that make homes in residential and commercial attics. Once they’re captured or removed, there is still usually damage to repair and a mess to clean up. These animals leave behind biohazardous wastes such as feces, urine, oils, hairs and parasites such as fleas and mites. Beyond just the smell that will linger, these wastes will create a health risk for those living in your home.

Our Cleanup Services

At Critter Capture LLC, we offer attic cleanup and deodorization services to eliminate both unpleasant smells and biohazards, which will help ensure that no new animals are attracted to your attic. Our process includes vacuuming out small rat and squirrel droppings wherever possible, hand removal of all larger droppings (such as a raccoon or opossum), removal of all nesting material and food debris, removal of any heavily soiled insulation and heavy misting of atomized bioshield.

This cleaning process is absolutely vital to ensuring that your home or business stays wildlife-free. If there’s even a hint of odor left behind, animals will be able to smell it and will consider your attic a safe place to nest, thus creating another mess.

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