Bat Removal – Pest Removal Services

We, at Critter Capture, LLC, take bat infestation very seriously. Even though wildlife companies, like ourselves, are often overlooked until it’s too late when dealing with bats; it then becomes costly and more destructive to a home or business.

Some of the damages caused by bats are:
• Carrying other pests like fleas and ticks into attic of homes or business
• Structural damage to roofs, ceilings an attics
• Being very loud with their chirping noise especially if the colony is large in size – see attached video
• Smell from their droppings

Bats carry a disease called histoplasmosis which is a breathing disorder and can be transferred to humans if when breathing in the fungal spores. They can spread diseases like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. And through their droppings they can contaminate open areas.

We offer discounts to Military and First Responders. Leave us a Google review once we are finished with your job and we will send you a gift card. Give Critter Capture, LLC a call today at 251-680-5068, 228-202-1001, or 769-896-6022. Let the professionals humanely rid your home of bats.