Opossums Removal & Trapping Services in Alabama

Opossums typically keep to themselves when they’re out in the wild. They’re nocturnal creatures that come out to look for food in the middle of the night before retreating, and they typically stay out of sight for the most part during the day. However, every now and then opossums will work their way into homes and cause problems for people. Critter Capture can provide you with opossum removal and trapping services in Alabama as well as Mississippi and Louisiana so that you don’t have to deal with any of the issues that come with having opossums rummaging around inside your house.

Opossums Removal

When they’re able to access a home, opossums can cause all kinds of issues for the people and pets living inside it. At best, they’ll serve as a minor nuisance and antagonize pets living inside of a home by eating their food. However, at worst, opossums can spread dangerous diseases like tuberculosis, leptospirosis, and spotted fever. They can also chew through electrical wiring and potentially even start fires in the process. It’s why you should contact Critter Capture at the first sign of trouble so that we can rectify the issue for you.

Trapping Services

The good news for those who have opossums living in or around their home is that most opossums aren’t aggressive animals. Many will “play possum” and pretend to be dead when they come face-to-face with humans and pets. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that opossums have 50 teeth, which is more teeth than any other animal in the country, and they will use them to bite people and pets if they feel like they have to. It’s why you shouldn’t ever attempt to eradicate an opossum problem on your own. Instead, call Critter Capture to deliver opossums removal and trapping services in Alabama to you so that you stay safe and aren’t ever put into harm’s way by an opossum.

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