The Importance of Attic Restoration

Worker Insulating Attic

If you’ve ever had pests like squirrels or racoons living in your attic, you have to wonder what they did in there, right? Chances are they’ve left behind fecal matter, urine and even oil from their fur. This “stuff” can spread bacteria and lead to mold growing in your home. And did you know a critter’s oil from their fur has pheromones which can attract more critters looking for a mate or a place to call home? Yikes! Their oil also damages wood. Pests can also bring ticks and fleas into your home. Ideally, you want to remove any trace that they were ever there!

An Overview of Attic Restoration

Attic restoration involves droppings and nests being removed. A fog mist may be used to break down bacteria in the attic and help sanitize the room. Insulation may need replacement. Holes in the roof may need repair. Attic restoration is best left to professionals who have the equipment to do the job properly and know the safety procedures involved in cleaning up after pests. It’s not a job for the faint of heart.

Wild animals can do a lot of damage when living in your attic. Critter Capture of Mobile, Alabama, offers attic cleanup and deodorization services. Small droppings from rats or squirrels can be vacuumed out. Large droppings from raccoons or opossums can be removed by hand. Soiled insulation, nesting material, and food debris can all be removed as well. And then an atomized BioShield decontaminating mist is used in order to sanitize the room. Your house will smell better after attic restoration is done.

Remember, animals communicate through smells. You don’t want their “scent” left in your attic even after they’ve gone because that’ll just attract more animals. Ideally, you want to get rid of any evidence that they were ever in your home.

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