Things to Know About Roof Rats

For most people, when we hear the term rats, we think of little critters meandering through basements, sewers and other underground areas. However, did you know there are rats who prefer to find their shelter in the upper levels of homes or buildings, and are thus commonly referred to ‘roof rats’?

Roof rats, which are also sometimes called house rats, look like typical rats, but are renowned for having long tails and dumbo like ears. These rats are quite athletic, and can aptly climb trees and buildings quickly, like miniature spidermen.

The Problems Caused by Roof Rats

However, having roof rats on your property can cause a whole slew of issues. For starters, roof rats will absolutely chew through materials in your home, including drywall, plastic, siding and wood in search of finding a warm home (likely in an attic or crawl space), and food sources.

Even worse, roof rats have been known to transmit dangerous diseases in the past and since they like to travel in groups, if you have one roof rat, you can take it to the bank you have at least another one, if not a whole group. Scarily, female roof rats can have multitudes of babies at once, so an infestation could happen rather quickly.

Roof rats are active during the day, and you’ll likely hear them scampering in the upper levels of your home or business. This infamous species helped spread the Bubonic Plague in the Middle Ages, and since then have proven they are tough to get rid of, as they adversely affect the foundations of your home or building.

How to Prevent Roof Rats From Affecting Your Home

The best way to keep roof rats away is to ensure there are no cracks or holes on the exterior of your home, including openings in windows, screens and vents. Roof rats need just a hole the size of a dime or quarter to squirt through. Moreover, you’ll want to avoid wet wood piles that roof rats can use a water source (they need just an ounce or so of water a day), and pick up and properly dispose of food sources.

Hire a Professional Pest Control Company To Help You With Roof Rats

Of course, if you think your home or business has a roof rat problem, it’s best to get out in front of the issue, and have a professional pest control company come and take care of the situation for you. If you’re in the Mobile, AL area and need rat control services, contact Critter Capture today.