What to Do When My Home has Damage from Wildlife

We all have experienced the unexpected knock on the door from a family or friend that is happy to surprise us with a visit. But when a wild animal makes an unexpected appearance and causes damage along the way, we certainly do not want them to return again. Wild animals are especially known to creep up in sheds or attics and hide from prey. And while it may be true that they are more afraid of you than you are of them, they certainly cause damage along the way. Here’s what you can do in the event that wildlife strikes your home.

Stay away and stay safe 

Upon first arriving and noticing where the wild animals have left their tracks, it may feel like an invasion of space. It is important, however, to stay away from the area where the damage was done and close any doors or windows if they were previously open. Wild animals may have caused more than just damage, and you could potentially end up with another surprise, such as finding a family or litter. It is best to stay safe and not go near or try to feed the animal to catch their attention, as they can carry rabies or other viral diseases. 

Do not touch anything

While it is tempting to lurk or touch, it is not recommended. Experts who deal with wildlife damage restoration wear protective attire prior to any type of clean-up service. Damage restoration will include vacuuming of droppings, deodorization, removal of biohazardous waste and heavily soiled insulation, as well as heavy misting with decontaminating agents plus much more. In addition, experts study wildlife behavior so they will know what to do if the animal becomes aggressive or agitated when being approached if they are present. 

File a home insurance claim 

As far as the actual damage goes, make sure you take pictures prior to a damage restoration service and call your home insurance to file a claim. A certified inspection might be requested on the insurance’s end, so it is important to leave the damage as is while they assess their final reports. Not all home insurances will cover damage, so it is important to negotiate or talk to an insurance agent that will match you with the appropriate company that will. 

Call the experts 

Last but not least, you will want to call the wildlife experts to save the day. They will carefully remove nuisance animals and release them in a safe environment once the damage restoration service is complete. All the dirty work is done for you so you can go back to doing the things you enjoy most. 

We take the extra steps so you don’t have to. Call us today for proper wildlife removal and damage restoration at (251) 680-5068. At Critter Capture, our team of experts can handle any wildlife creature while knowing the important role they play for our ecosystem. We specialize in the removal, restoration and prevention processes. 

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