When Do Squirrels Become a Pest Control Problem?

Squirrels seem to be ubiquitous. We see them scampering about trees and lawns all the time. They’re seemingly harmless and, to some, quite cute. But what about the times when squirrels become a pest control problem?

Squirrels are fine when they’re outside and not bothering you. When they’re living inside your home, though? That’s a problem! Squirrels love to climb and leap. And when the weather’s colder, they’re looking for a warm place to call home. If they can get into your house and find food or water, along with shelter and warmth, then they just might make your home their home. They can get in through uncapped chimneys, peeling roof shingles, or damaged vent screens. Perhaps you hear noises in your ceiling or walls. You might have squirrels in your house.

Squirrels Can Do Major Damage to Your Home!

Squirrels build nests and they love to use whatever they can get to make those nests, including insulation, linens, fabrics and paper products. A family of squirrels in your attic could do a lot of damage! And here’s where it gets worse– they love to gnaw on things, including cables in your house. They’re just trying to keep their growing teeth healthy and sharp, but, in the process, your cable TV/internet goes out… or you have electricity issues– costly issues that require repair. Ugh.

Squirrels can cause all sorts of damage if they live where you don’t want them to live. Besides their poop, they break things. They mess up insulation. They can even bother the structural integrity of your house.

If you suspect you have a squirrel pest problem, call Critter Capture of Mobile, Alabama, at 251-680-5068. Critter Capture can get rid of nests as well as provide attic decontamination services, which will help get rid of droppings and smelly urine stenches! If you want the squirrels out of your house, call Critter Capture today.