Why Do Mice Keeping Coming Into My Home?

mouse in house sniffing crumbs

Have you noticed a mouse in your house? If so, you’re probably wondering, “Why are they coming to my house of all places?”


Typically, the main reason you might find mice in your house is that they’re seeking food, and you have food! For instance, do you ever leave food out on the counter overnight? Do you leave dirty dishes covered in crumbs in the sink overnight? Do you rarely vacuum your floors, such that crumbs stay there for weeks? What about pet food? Is it left “open to the air,” rather than kept in airtight containers? Mice are always smelling for food, and your house might have plenty of odors to attract them!

Warm Shelter

Perhaps your house is warm and inviting, not only to human guests, but to pests as well. Mice look for “safe spaces” away from predators. And when they find a place they like, they don’t want to leave! So, if you have a mouse problem in your house, you’ve probably have nests in your walls where mice are having babies. At that point, you need an exterminator.

Quick Access

Mice are getting into a house “somewhere.” An exterminator finds that entry point and seals it off. Your house might have more than one entry point for mice! Have you looked outside (around the house) to see where you have unexpected holes or cracks where they could get in?

Once entry/exit points are sealed off, mice can be physically removed from a house. And then their “areas” where they lived can be cleaned and decontaminated. Someone has to get rid of all that poop, right?

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