Why Would a Snake Come on My Property?

The fear of snakes is called ophidiophobia. Most healthcare professionals think this fear is a combination of genetics, learned behavior and superstitions. Snakes, for a long, long time, have been associated with evil and temptation. That said, most people do not encounter snakes that often, unless they work at a zoo or happen to live on a property that attracts snakes.

What Attracts Wild Snakes to a Home

Why would snakes be attracted to a property? They’re looking for food, water and shelter. They like to live in a cool, moist area. Therefore, if your yard has overgrown grass or bushes/plants, those are areas that might attract snakes. So, if you want to avoid snakes, keep your lawn cut and your bushes and plants properly trimmed. Meanwhile, if you have spots or puddles of water on your property, fill them in with soil and get rid of them! Snakes like properties with puddles.

If your property is home to rodents and birds, then snakes are likely to follow since they eat those animals. Therefore, if you have a birdfeeder in your yard, get rid of it. That way you’ll eliminate all the dropped seeds that attract pests. If you feed your own pets outdoors, stop doing that, too, since any “extra” feed scattered in the lawn will attract pests.

If you have clutter in your yard, clean it up. Don’t give snakes a place to call home– get rid of debris that they’d use as hiding spots.

If you have a garden pond, just be aware that your pond could be attracting snakes.

The more sun exposure your yard has, the better, because snakes are looking for cooler places– they don’t want to be in the sun too long. So maybe consider getting rid of some shade trees, etc.

Basically, you can make your property unappealing to snakes and other pests. If you need professional help to get rid of snakes on your property, call Critter Capture of Mobile, Alabama, at 251-680-5068.