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Raccoons can present a long list of problems for home and business owners. Raccoons will find any entrance to your house, oftentimes causing damage to get in and set up a den. That’s why you should contact a professional wildlife removal service at the first sign of trouble.
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It doesn’t take much for bats to find their way into an attic space, a basement or another dark, cool part of your home or business. They only need about half an inch of space to get into any residential or commercial property.
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Most squirrels have gotten used to the idea of co-existing with humans at this point. As a result, it’s not uncommon to find them living in attics, soffits and in between walls in homes and businesses. If you hear something scurrying around above a ceiling or behind a wall in your home, there’s a good chance it could be squirrels.


If you’ve seen one or two mice or rats in your home or business, you probably have a lot more of them living behind your walls and above your ceilings. Mice and rats enter homes and businesses to find food, and oftentimes, they never get around to leaving. They build nests and can prove to be a huge nuisance.
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When they’re able to access a home, opossums can cause all kinds of issues for the people and pets living inside it. At best, they’ll serve as a minor nuisance and antagonize pets living inside of a home by eating their food. However, at worst, opossums can spread dangerous diseases.
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Snakes can be venomous or nonvenomous, and you can find them slithering inside or outside of your home. That’s why, when you find nuisance snakes roaming around your home or property, it’s important to contact a wildlife removal professional to remove the snakes safely and effectively.
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Have you seen or heard any of these critters roaming your property? We specialize in removing raccoons, bats, squirrels, mice, rats, snakes and other forms of property-damaging wildlife from the interior and exterior of homes and businesses.

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