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Bats are a common problem to have.

You’ll most likely encounter bats when a roosting colony takes residency in a building. Although attics are the most common makeshift home for bats, barns have been found to make an excellent habitat due to the outdoor nature of the building. The most common complaints may include:

Bats living in the attic

Bats living in the chimney

Foul odor from bat droppings

Stealing pet food or bird seed

Bats swarming around property

Loose bat stuck inside home

Bats start to become a nuisance when they begin to roost in large numbers in human dwellings. These critters don’t need much space to crawl into to enter a building. Bats only need half an inch or less when searching for their next dwelling. Once settled, the habitat can be a mating ground for the colony to grow. When you have a bat infestation, you may notice bats flying in and out of buildings, loud noises, droppings in the attic, chimney, outside on your property or even in the basement. The accumulation of guano (droppings) has a foul smell and is unpleasant, which serves as the perfect breeding ground for Histoplasmosis. This fungal disease is transferable to humans who breathe in the fungal spores and can cause severe sickness and health problems.

Complete bat removal requires experience. Critter Capture is highly trained to deal with these types of situations, and has worked on countless bat issues in residential homes. Our bat removal system ensures the bat colony will no longer use your home as a roosting area, and no longer have the access to get back in. We care for the welfare of these creatures, our objective is to not exterminate any bats but to use methods to exclude them from the premises and prevent future infestation problems. We also thoroughly clean and get rid of the biohazardous droppings that these animals leave behind. Experience counts when working to remove bats, and you can trust that Critter Capture will get the job done ethically and efficiently.

Do you need bat removal services?

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