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Rats and mice can sneak into your home and multiply quickly.

The proper way to solve a mice or rat problem is to find the source of the problem: find where they are getting in. Once you’ve found your source, it’s important to completely seal off all entry points permanently. Completion of this first step will help aid in the physical entrapment and capture of the rodents to remove them from your home or building. The most common complaints may include:

Strong urine odor

Gnawed holes

Oily rub and gnaw marks

Found mice/rat nests

Scurrying noises inside walls

Presence is alarming dogs/pets

If you have a mice or rat problem in your home, you’ll be sure to know. Mice and rats leave droppings, chew holes, spread filth and can make lots of noise scurrying throughout your home and inside your walls. Rodents are considered among the most troublesome and economically important rodents in the United States, and can cause many problems inside and around your home or property.

These pesky critters can fit into almost any crack, the smallest being only a quarter inch. They can, and will, find a way to get to every space and crevice of your home or property. Like every home, food is near and accessible to humans, which is a perfect spot for these rodents to make a home inside your property. Mice and rats will eat anything but prefer seed or grain. A single mouse does not have the ability to eat a lot of food, but because of their habit of nibbling on many foods, discarding partially eaten items and defecating everywhere, mice and rats destroy considerably more food than they consume. Rodents are primarily nocturnal, they dig and chew like all rodents do. They will dig through walls, installation and even wood to find anything that can get their teeth on. These rodents will eat your food and can contaminate it for human consumption. Diseases can be carried and spread like Salmonellosis, an acute food poisoning from contaminated food, Rickettsialpox, a viral disease transferred by the bite of an infected rodent, Hantavirus, a disease spread through coming in contact with rodent droppings, Tularemia, tapeworm and infectious jaundice. If your home or property is infested, we suggest our removal, restoration and prevention services. Decontamination will be needed for your home or property once these rodents are removed. To add to the problem, mice and rats can produce a tremendous number of offspring resulting in your home or property being a health hazard to those who live and visit there.

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