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Every now and then, opossums will work their way into homes and cause problems.

When opossums are able to find access to a home or property, these critters can cause varying issues for the people and pets inside of it. At their best, opossums will serve as a trivial bother  and antagonize your pets by alarming them with their presence or eating their food. Nevertheless, at their worst, they can spread diseases that can affect humans and pets. The most common complaints may include:

Opossums have taken residence under your porch, shed or home

Opossums are stealing garbage or pet food

Opossums have found a way inside your home

Presence is alarming dogs/pets

Large droppings are being found

Sick, potentially rabid opossums

Opossums are usually solitary animals, typically keeping to themselves while in the wild. These nocturnal critters come out during the night to look for food before retreating. However, every now and then, opossums will wander and find their way into homes or properties causing havoc for everyone living there or working there. If not removed soon enough, opossums can cause severe damage to your home and can even be found rummaging around your belongings inside your home.

Opossums can carry and spread dangerous diseases like tuberculosis, an infectious disease that mainly affects the lungs; leptospirosis, a bacterial disease that affects humans and animals when coming into contact with urine of infected animals; and Spotted Fever. These critters can chew through electrical wiring and it’s not uncommon for these animals to potentially start fires throughout your home or property in the process. 

To add relief to those who have opossums living in or around their home or property is that most opossums are not aggressive animals. In fact, many opossums will use a survival strategy and “play possum” to pretend they are dead when they come in direct contact with humans or pets. Although it’s worth it to consider that opossums have a mouth full of 50 teeth, which is the most teeth of any other mammal in this country. Opossums will use their many teeth to bite people and pets if they feel threatened like any other animal. This fact makes it dangerous to try to trap and remove yourself without experience. This is the reason you should not ever attempt to exterminate or remove an opossum problem on your own. Instead, contact your local and experienced professionals to deliver opossum removal, restoration and prevention to keep you safe, avoid health hazards and future problems.

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