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Raccoons are one of the most common nuisance animals.

Raccoons are always willing to live amongst humans, and have found our dwellings to be excellent sources of food and shelter. You may discover raccoons making themselves at home by finding their next meal in your trash can or your pet’s food. The most common complaints may include:

Raccoons found living in your attic

Raccoons found living in your chimney

Tipping over garbage cans

Stealing pet food or bird seed

Sick, potentially rabid raccoons

Presence is alarming dogs/pets

Raccoons can become a larger problem than you would expect. The tried and true way to remove these critters from your home or property is to determine the source of the problem: find where they are getting in. Raccoons are no strangers to human dwellings and have become accustomed to living in conjunction with humans. Chimneys are often a popular hiding place, along with attics and other crevices in a house. Raccoons are not great roommates.You may hear various noises ranging from growling, scratching or moving around. If there are juveniles in the nursery, you may hear crying among other noises. These animals can cause damage to your home, and are often found prying new areas open in and around your property. Extensive damage can be found in hard to reach areas causing more headache.

Along with serious damage caused to your home or property, raccoons can pose a serious health hazard. These animals are the perfect host for diseases and parasites that can easily infest pets or humans. One common and often fatal disease of dogs is Canine Distemper, carried by raccoons and spread by animals coming in contact with bodily secretions. Another common and often heard of disease is Rabies. This viral disease causes progressive paralysis and eventually death in mammals, and even humans. If you find a raccoon that is exhibiting abnormal behavior, such as unstable movements, excessive daylight activity or fearlessness towards humans, strictly avoid these animals. Raccoons often make dens that can be infested with Raccoon Roundworm eggs found in raccoon feces. These parasites can cause extreme sickness and severe health problems if ingested or inhaled. Children’s play areas are most susceptible to this concern due to the frequented area of humans. Critter Capture offers cleaning services with the aim to destroy 100 percent of harmful agents with specialized sanitation and deodorization methods.

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