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Professional Squirrel Removal & Trapping

There are several ways squirrels can cause damage to your home or business. Squirrels chew holes in the attic or ceiling and even make holes through the roof. More indicators of squirrel entry is gnaw marks, wiring, foul smell coming from the attic, thumping an chirping on the roof along with long, round droppings. Squirrels can also enter your home or business through rotted wood, holes in the gable vents, attic fans and chimneys. They can cause damage to your home not only to the exterior but the interior, by disease since they do carry rabies and small parasites that can harm humans.

The steps to ridding your home of squirrels is first, identify the entry point. Once the entry point has been identified, it is time to start trapping. The trapping process will include using an excluder, a live trap or a conibear trap depending on the area of the entry point. Next step would be sealing the house. We recommend sealing the entire house, so it is wildlife proof. And the last step would be removing all insulation in order to disinfect germs, disease and bacteria that is left by the urine and fecal matter. By removing the insulation, all nesting and pheromones are removed that attract other wildlife. Then new insulation is put back in the attic along an anti-microbial agent.

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